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Fernanda Rivero was born in Puebla, México; where she currently lives and works. 

She studied for a Bachelor´s Degree in Architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana, and later, a Master's Degree in Industrial Design at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Fernanda considers herself an empirical abstract artist since her development as such has been formed gradually, through experiential practice, inside and outside the studio.

Her childhood and adolescence were a constant personal battle in the search for identity and belonging, which created an emotional instability and disconnection with her environment that forced Fernanda to create a new reality.

Curiosity was the starting point to emerge in the Art world, and experimentation, to develop her language, which eventually allowed her to liberate and manifest her vision of the world and make sense of her own existence.


From that moment, Fernanda has continued studying and being interested in art, and has expressed inspiration and admiration for the work of women painters of abstract expressionism, recognized today; especially Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, and Lee Krasner have been great inspirations for the way they used the improvisation technique to achieve different objectives in their work, and mostly for their life decisions to move away from the stereotypical roles of women during their time, and reflect in their creative processes on the continuous transformation, rupture, renovation and renewal of the self; concepts and ideas that Fernanda also shares from her cosmogony, and that undoubtedly seek to provoke something in the viewer and herself.

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