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Artist Statement

Chaos is a disruptive energy that creates and transforms paradigms and systems, a factor that drives the internal structures of the human being to transcend and co-create with the Universe.  From the cosmogonic vision chaos is the starting point and contemplates "disorder" as a "misunderstood order". It is a random system, not static or linear, so it never gets to the same place twice.

​Normally we associate chaos with systems out of control and we tend to reject it, but throughout my life, I have had chaotic experiences that have become a milestone for my evolution and expansion of consciousness. I have been interested in studying astrology, psychology, and holistic practices that have given me an undistorted and much higher perspective of chaos, towards the actions not based on fear or tension, but a choice of how we respond to it for a deep and powerful meaning.

​Within this framework, I am interested in addressing issues about identity and the human experience. Hence, the construction of my work is developed by dynamic ways to express characteristics of movement and constant change with a palpable sense of fluidity. Freedom becomes a consequence to break the limits and create works full of emotion and spontaneity, channeling the energy of something higher and released to the collective unconscious.

​In this way chaos becomes the protagonist, allowing the process to be organic and charged with different variables where everything or nothing emerges, generating new information to give rise to the next work and allowing change in the evolution of my work.

The intention is to release my own chaos and create a new version of order and balance, from which I consciously build a new perspective to experience life and share my truth without imposing a vision, and that everyone can interpret in their own way and from their personal experience.

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