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Fernanda Rivero (b.1983) is a Mexican abstract artist whose work embraces the power of self expression, freedom and authenticity; false identities, full of emotional and psychological trauma advocates to reconnect with the inner self. 

Fernanda reminds us to free the soul, revealing and accepting a narrative immerse in the spiritual awakening and knowledge that goes beyond the already known and seen. A connection to our inner worlds and a deeper understanding of our own lives. Hence materiality embraces the potencial of a fulfilling life throughout the creative process that mirrors our own human processes and profound experiences met in all physical properties of a cultural artifact.

Her works proposal is a language that speaks at a soul level and flourishes freely throughout experimental ways from colorful fluid pigments and bold yet soft strokes. 

Fernanda lives and works in Puebla, México. Her artistic journey began on 2013 but it was on 2017 when she began to pursue a full time career as an abstract artist; her work has been shown in México, Los Angeles and Miami, during  art fairs events such as Art basel, ArtFest and The Other Art Fair by Saatchi.

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