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Artistic Journey

"I am grateful to life and the Universe to show me a creative path during a time I was feeling lost. When I began to make my own paintings I started to feel free and acknowledge that creative process was healing me, but at the time I didn´t know how or why... until now.

Art is what empowers me, making me feel connected to the present. Art has allowed me to manifest many parts of myself that I thought I had to hide or was too painful to accept. It has become one (if not the most powerful) tool to heal all my trauma but also to appreciate human polarities, light and dark aspects of ourselves to evolve constantly. 

That is why I believe our art must change with us. Not only when it comes to new aesthetics but in the type of energy we put into it. I hope to share with the world the value of self acceptance and compassion for our life processes but most importantly self expression. That is what makes us free and connects us with nature, the collective unconscious and our higher self.

By doing so, we follow our own soul calling to share with the world and empower or experience a much more empathic and present humanity."


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